Advantages and potential savings of the ToolBox 4.0

Increasing competition increases cost pressure and forces companies to reduce maintenance costs.

Unplanned downtimes must be avoided and at the same time the maximum service life of the units must be used. This can only be achieved by timely maintenance and continuous monitoring.

In expensive plants, for example in the steel or paper industry, rolls and their bearings have therefore been permanently monitored online for many years with complex, but also expensive systems. In the case of standard units such as pumps, fans, gears and motors, permanent monitoring has often been dispensed with because an affordable solution was previously lacking. ToolBox 4.0 is a cost-effective and innovative measuring system for permanent decentralized machine and process monitoring. It offers the performance features of expensive systems, but is compact, easy to install and easy to operate.

The flexibility of the Tool Box 4.0 is indescribable. The range of possible industrial measurements by the Tool Box 4.0 is so diverse that no other stationary machine monitoring system can cover it.

We can not only determine temperatures, switching times and vibrations and calculate running times, but also measure all industrial measured variables between 4 and 20 mA. In addition, the ToolBox 4.0 offers the possibility to simplify inspection tours and to increase the awareness of maintenance intervals through 24/7 monitoring. In addition, a complete documentation of the unit can be stored on the box and all determined data can be stored in a history.