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With our ToolBox 4.0 we offer plant operators a smart & cost effective solution for an intelligent maintenance strategy as well as an automatic management of maintenance intervals based on running times.

We enable the maintenance department to control your service and maintenance intervals by the hour.

Here is an overview of your advantages:

  • All basic maintenance measures are covered by the SHT system (maintenance-inspections-repairs-improvements)
  • Operators have the possibility to better coordinate their maintenance and inspection intervals, as all maintained units are displayed in the calendar.
  • 24/7 availability of your aggregates
    The operator has the possibility to intervene more quickly if changes in the trend become apparent. In case of negative changes or if limit values are exceeded, there is the possibility to be alarmed
  • Documentation such as data sheets, sectional drawings, spare parts lists, characteristic curves, measurement data, etc. can be called up at any time and from anywhere.
  • The maintenance department is informed of its service intervals to the hour (active maintenance calendar)
  • Evaluation of the measured data (long-term monitoring) = End-of-life determination = Prognosis of the remaining useful life
  • Aggregate failures can be minimized
  • Increased cost efficiency within the life cycle
  • Extended life cycle usage
  • Better maintenance planning
  • Reduction of unplanned downtimes and failures
  • Condition recording and evaluation of aggregates or plant components through measurement data and documentation in the history
  • Digital control tours via an app
  • CSV export of maintenance & service
  • Store offline objects without ToolBox in the system. Advantage: Digital documentation + maintenance calendar with fixed dates