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SH-Tools GmbH is a newly founded company based in Hannover. The company is engaged in the development and distribution of tools, software and apps for maintenance and service of sub-assembly units and electric motors.


The business model of SH-Tools is based on ToolBox 4.0 for the documentation of, among other things, operating hours, temperatures, switching times and vibrations for the optimal determination of maintenance and repair intervals. It ensures the corresponding sustainability and guarantees this 24/7 to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0 in the digital age. Monitoring of all machine data, operating manuals, test reports and running times by means of an app and corresponding evaluation software as paperless maintenance of the future. The ToolBox 4.0 can be attached to e.g. electric motors, filter systems, fans, pumps, compressors, turbines, etc. in order to detect changes in running behavior so that maintenance measures can be carried out in time and preventively. In addition to the ToolBox 4.0, there is an app for daily inspection tours as well as for direct documentation/visual inspection of aggregates to ensure permanent monitoring. Via interfaces the collected data is transferred to a software which offers corresponding possibilities of evaluation (e.g. trend graphics & display of limit value exceedances) so that the persons responsible for maintenance are informed in time about possible disturbance factors which could cause failures.

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