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Advantages of a retrofit

Often a retrofit can make more sense for existing plants than a replacement by new construction. By replacing obsolete components and adding new, contemporary technological developments, existing plants are brought back up to date. The advantage for the plant operator lies in the modernization of the plant and the associated increase in productivity at significantly lower costs compared to the purchase of a new plant or plant components. The stable basic substance of the sub-assembly units or machines is maintained and high replacement investments are not necessary. Even existing protection of a plant, which would probably not receive a new approval, can be preserved by a retrofit.

The advantages of this method are obvious: You receive a modernized plant that is state of the art. This means: You can significantly increase productivity. However, you pay considerably less for this than for the purchase of a new plant. The savings can amount to 20 to 30%. In individual cases, savings of up to 60 % may even be possible.