SH-Tools goes for “Internet of Things” (IoT)

The “Internet of Things” should support people in their activities. The idea originally came from Mark Weiser who first mentioned this topic in an essay (The Computer of the 21st Century) in 1991.

The Internet of Things links physical things (e.g. measured values) with the virtual provision of data. Visualization, evaluation, analysis and archiving can take place via a local or publicly secured network. This is largely self-organized and paperless, which in turn is a major step towards Industry 4.0.

People, machines and plants communicate directly with each other via the ToolBox 4.0. This increases the value-added chain, since, for example, scheduled maintenance is automatically ordered and not, as before, at fixed time intervals. Preventive maintenance becomes child’s play with the ToolBox 4.0 in connection with the “Internet of Things”, because you do not even have to be on site to view operating data or to keep an eye on the next scheduled maintenance. Work orders are created automatically – all this is done paperless and is fully documented.