SH-Tools goes M2M

Machine to Machine, M2M for short, is what makes the “Internet of Things” possible in the first place. Of 650 managers in 16 countries surveyed, 90% said that M2M is important for their company, but only 27% have already implemented an M2M project!

M2M has been at home in motor sports for a long time. There it is called telemetry. Measured values and data are constantly being sent from the vehicle to the technicians. This is also the case with ToolBox 4.0, because here the data is sent to the pit and transmitted via the cloud to an evaluation software, so that the technology and all responsible persons can carry out a corresponding evaluation of all data and measured values. If limit values are exceeded and correspondingly built-in warning messages are issued, it is possible to react as quickly as possible, thus minimizing or even preventing major damage and production downtimes. Thus your added value is further increased!

With the ToolBox 4.0 in combination with our SH-Tools-App and the SH-Tools-Software 1.0 we have put together a package that enables you to participate in technological progress without great effort. This happens without great financial and technical effort.

Technical progress has never been so easy and affordable!