Three questions: Sven Hunze, CEO SH-Tools GmbH

Mr. Hunze, as a newly founded company based in Eberswalde, you are presenting your products at a trade fair for the first time. Why did you decide to participate in the NORTEC?

The NORTEC offers start-up companies a suitable platform to present their innovations to a broad professional audience. Interested companies can obtain bundled information and learn about new products here! Thus we have a “win-win” situation for all participants!

Your company develops and distributes tools, software and apps for the maintenance and care of aggregates and electric motors. Your core product is the ToolBox 4.0. What makes ToolBox 4.0 unique?

ToolBox 4.0 guarantees a digital and cost-effective 24/7 monitoring of aggregates as well as their complete documentation by means of app and evaluation software. All industrial measured variables between 4 and 20 mA (PT100) can be measured with the ToolBox – including operating hours, temperatures, switching times, pressures, levels or vibrations for optimum determination of maintenance and repair intervals. The installation of the box as well as the handling of the app and software is simple, self-explanatory and the evaluation of the data is available worldwide.

Would you like to venture a hypothesis as to how the possibilities of Industry 4.0 will affect the development of your ToolBox?

ToolBox 4.0 brings us a very big step closer to the paperless age and the associated digitalisation. Industry 4.0 reaches a whole new dimension with our tool, which promises its user a simple application – simple, smart & clever!